Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dieselly Led - Photos

The photos from the Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala may now be viewed here. As I was ostensibly working during the gala, there's not much variety in terms of locations or composition. In truth, I was grabbing quick snaps whenever there was a quiet moment on Wansford Station during my mornings on the ticket barrier. Afternoons saw me working on the trains, so I popped out for some shots as locos ran round at Peterborough and Yarwell.

This was the debut of my new camera, and I just put it into auto mode and took pictures. I'm pleased that the camera coped very well with some difficult conditions, including shooting directly into the sun, low light and sunset. Since then I've even read the manual - well, a few pages at least - and with some practise at various techniques, the camera seems to offer great potential.


  1. Great photos, Martin. I haven't read the manual yet either...

    Really enjoyed your truckfest photos, and the Nene Valley ones with the new camera do seem sharper and with slightly better contrast. But it's the eye behind the camera that counts, and yours is a talented one!

  2. Many thanks Iain, most of the time I set out to create a scene rather than just take a picture - as you say it's what the eye sees that is the important factor. I do enjoy taking pictures and creating scenes, and it can be interesting to experiment. Thanks for your appreciation.


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