Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Windows Are Such a Pane

The biggest issue with the factory building that I’m labouring on has been the windows. I got close to a solution on Sunday when I painted the matt black panes with a spot of gloss varnish, and that did help a bit. Inspired by this, last night I decided to experiment further. Using an eye-dropper, each pane was filled with a good blob of gloss varnish. This dries in a concave manner that is remarkably good at reflecting the light from just about any viewing angle.

To my mind, this considerably improves the appearance of the model. With so much glass on show, the flat black finish that I originally applied looked just that – flat and black. The new reflective finish does at least give the impression of glazing and help create an illusion of depth. I’m quite pleased with this; in fact, as I have two more of these factory buildings lined up for painting, I may well demonstrate this simple technique at Peterborough Exhibition in October.

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