Monday, 23 August 2010

Corrie Trolley Dollies!

Viewers of Coronation Street will no doubt be aware of the storyline involving Haley’s Wedding.  As I don’t watch it I am in no way qualified to comment on the programme.  The reason behind this post is to advise that a rather interesting episode is due to be shown on 30 August – the wedding episode itself.  The storyline involves a steam train, and the relevant scenes were shot on the East Lancashire Railway.  On a more personal note, however, an item of rolling stock from the Nene Valley Railway makes an appearance in the programme – the pump trolley!  This vehicle has a starring role with two bridesmaids hand-pumping Haley to her nuptials as part of a very convoluted – but entertaining – set piece of the inevitable wedding-becomes-a-disaster scene that are de-rigeur of soap operas.

This trolley recently featured in my own photoshoot Railway Modelling, so it certainly has the ability to attract lovely young ladies who just can’t wait to jump aboard for a bit of action.  I know what I mean, ahem.  

Back in the eighties all you needed to get the girls swooning was a set of keys for a BMW or a Porsche.  These days it would appear that the line, “Eh up pet, fancy a hand pump?” will no longer get you a smack on the jaw.  Now that’s progress.

So does Haley make it to her wedding?  Tune in on 30 August* and find out!

*Date given in good faith.  If ITV decide to show some pointless football match and rearrange their schedule at the last minute to suit, as they so often do, I am in no way responsible.

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