Thursday, 8 October 2009

NVR Diesel Gala - The Movie

Grumpy Git Productions presents the highlights from last weekend’s Diesel Gala at the Nene Valley Railway. I’ve not gone for any effects or story here; just six minutes of good old-fashioned lineside footage featuring the locos in action.

My personal highlights were the class 25 and 40 (both in BR green) working the crimson and cream MK1 set, both singly and double-headed. I would have liked to have used the original audio of the locos working on this film. Sadly, there was just too much intrusive wind noise captured by the camera that spoilt it. Secondly, the NVR is a very flat line, with various speed restrictions that prevent the locos from being powered up for a bit of thrash. For those reasons, I decided to use music instead of the English Electric Light Orchestra’s symphony that was recorded on the day.


  1. Great video, as always, Martin. I was going to say that my fave was the green frothboxes with the spilt milk and plum coaches, then I read what you said... Would bring a tear to a glass eye, great sight.

    There is some lovely scenery, and you are to be congratulated on your composition, the scenes really flow. I understand about the sound...there is so much background noise and the locos are not being worked to the collar. The music has a sort of "Kraftwerk" feel which is very appropriate anyway. Great work!

  2. Many thanks for your comments. I was surprised at just how many good vantage points there were, and the great weather helped a lot. The music was quite a challenge for old and new diesels to work in harmony with the shots. I wanted something contemporary but without being too racy given the fairly undemanding pace of the trains!


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