Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Go East

I now have a set procedure when turning up for duty on the Nene Valley Railway.

1. Get a coffee
2. Set up the Booking Office
3. Get a Full English Breakfast
4. Check out the motive power on shed
5. Get coffee
6. Open Booking Office.

This puts me in the right frame of mind ready for the day ahead.  On Saturday I followed my established routine, and when it came to checking out the motive power on shed, I was surprised to see this line up:

Unusually, all locos are facing east following last weekend’s Pines Express event, and normally such a photo is not possible.  The NVR always runs the locos boiler first heading westbound, as the majority of runs take place when the sun (hang on ... sun?  What sun?) is to the southwest and offers the best photographic opportunities.  I therefore made the most of this rare opportunity to capture the moment as no less than three locos prepared for the day ahead, especially recently arrived Austerity 22 looking immaculate as steam is raised for the day ahead.

Meanwhile 73050 has been reunited with its City of Peterborough nameplates, but looks pleasingly worked stained in this view at Wansford during the afternoon.  The locos will be turned back to their usual positions shortly, so it was a good opportunity to get some pictures from a different perspective.

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