Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Crafty Way to Win a Competition

Following my recent article about creating waterslide decals, I see that Crafty Computer Papers have launched a 'Have you got talent' competition. Any creations made using any of Crafty Computer Paper's products are eligible, so what better time to get creative and start designing decals for lorries, vans or rolling stock on your layout?

These were the first models I created using Crafty paper - Pattersons was made
on clear paper, whilst
Regan & Sons (Transport hard enough to rollerskate on)
was printed onto white paper, thus allowing application to the dark blue trailer.

The competition is free-to-enter, all that is required are good quality photos emailed direct to Crafty. There are prizes on offer, too!

£75 for 1st prize
£50 for 2nd prize
£25 for 3rd prize

The winners and runners up will have their photos of their creations shown on the Crafty Computer Paper website and the close of the competition will be 20th August, so there’s plenty of time get stuck in and create a fantastic model.

Small detail decals such as these can really make a model stand out. The speed camera cartoon is waterslide, whilst the flags and name are printed on clear dry-rub paper - I'll cover this subject in the future, as the process is entirely different to creating waterslide decals.

Best of British!

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