Thursday, 2 July 2009

They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore!

My work takes me to all sorts of wierd and wonderful places; and today was no exception. I was delivering to a site in Nottinghamshire where I came across this magnificent, but long disused rail served factory / warehouse.

The modelling potential is enormous, and I just had to take some pictures. I'm not sure what it was previously used for, but the inset rails, which lead to disused facilities on the River Trent, are still in evidence, and part of the company name - 'Waterways' is still legible on the building. I was amazed that such a building is still standing, although it has been fenced off, and beyond it the road is closed to all except contractors - a number of construction vehicles came and went while I was there. I suspect that it may not be with us for much longer. I do think, however, that it would look fantastic on a layout!


  1. I agree. This wouldn't be too difficult to model, although the weathering would need a bit of flair. The interesting thing is that it would probably suit any period from the 1940's to the present day...I fancy the latter, with all sorts of clutter and "secondary usage", plus the wire fencing etc.

    It will probably be developed as luxury executive flats for bankers..(did I spell that correctly?)

    PS loving your other blog, as a one time HGV driver it is nice to read a point of view other than the driver of an "audi in a rush".

  2. Spelling of bankers - well, one letter out isn't bad! I quite fancy having a bash at something like this, but set in the 70's in it's final years of clinging to life - I see it on a North East quayside; reminds me of the Tyne before the developers moved in.


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