Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Paint Your Wagon - Preview

Well, this hot weather is really draining, and I can’t stump up enough energy at the end of the day to slave over a hot keyboard. So, by way of an appetizer, my next subject is how to create your own waterslide decals for models. All being well, I’ll get around to this write up at the weekend. In the meantime, here is a selection of the models being covered. Now I’m off for an ice cream!

A Scania artic finished as Dave Thomson Logistics.

Try something new from the Chip Monk - Friar's Crisps!
This livery was created by Sam. Nice one.

Plenty of small detail decals on the model - all easy to recreate.

Another artic from Scotland, this time Youngs of Cowdenbeath.
There is no real limit to the design elements that may be included.

A personal favourite - Krusty Keks home delivery laundry service;
perfect for the morning after the night down the pub and the Indian!

Many trucks feature some interesting designs on the rear of the cabs,
and these are easily recreated in model form.

Size is no barrier with the correct materials -
this lorry is N gauge, yet all text is fully legible.

A complete train was resprayed into a promotional livery and completed
with custom made graphics. Coming soon - how to do it yourself!

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