Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Faceless Alycidon

I have recounted my recent visit to the Nene Valley Railway on my other blog, so suffice to say that here is my rather limited footage of D9009 Alycidon performing on Sunday. If the sight of a Deltic with a large happy face wasn't bizarre enough, how about a Deltic hauling four Danish coaches around Cambridgeshire? So for all the modellers out there, I can say that there is really and truly a prototype for everything ...

I hate to say this, but the assembled crowds were all actually waiting for Thomas the Tank Engine as Alycidon was about to haul the stock out of the platform and back into the platform that I was stood on. Then Thomas would trundle into platform 2, with the morbidly obese controller watching on. Don't shoot the messenger!

Now you really have seen it all!

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