Thursday, 25 June 2009

All Aboard for Perth

This coming weekend is the Perth Model Railway Show – that’s Scotland, not Australia, in case you were wondering. I’ve traded and demonstrated at this excellent show for the past three years, and can thoroughly recommend attending. It is held at the Dewars Ice Rink close to the centre and railway station in a spacious exhibition hall.

Unfortunately, I cannot attend this year due to other commitments, but it is well worth travelling to, as the club members make you welcome, the venue is spacious and light (although does get rather hot, which I find ironic for an ice rink) and you get to see layouts which rarely venture south of the border – and it’s always a nice change to see something new and interesting.

It’s worth taking some time out from the show (I can feel the anoraks twitching at the mere possibility) to walk into Perth itself and down to the river for some fantastic views. If you stay overnight, the club social at the Carvery is well worth attending before hitting local hostelries to try out everything in a bottle. I recommend the entire top shelf of single malts, and see you in A&E, Jimmy!

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