Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Train Now Arriving ...

The latest release from Ten Commandments modern image scenic accessories range are these rather good whitemetal station platform VDU monitors. They are very simple to make up, consisting of a pole for freestanding VDU’s, or a bracket for wall mounting. The actual monitor may then be fitted at any angle onto the base, making this model versatile and flexible. Complete by painting in the colours of your choice – and these vary greatly, depending upon where you’ve chosen to model – and add one of the thoughtfully provided pre-printed visual displays as a finishing touch. The printed screens come in a variety of formats, from 1980’s style simple white text on a black background up to modern multicoloured displays. These models will add a touch of authenticity to modern stations, and could also be used effectively in bus stations, or if you have space, an airport terminal. Great value, easy to build and provides a realistic finishing touch for any modern layout.

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