Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Here's One I Prepared Earlier

My interest in modelling stems from creating realistic scenic dioramas, usually in 4mm scale as I can’t focus on anything smaller than that. Most modelling techniques are extremely simple and require only patience and practise, as with most things in life (apart from flat pack furniture, which can only be assembled after a bottle of California Zinfandel and requires a considerable amount of swearing, sweating and general all round loss of goodwill and bonhomie). I believe in putting my money firmly where my opinionated mouth is, so I will be demonstrating such techniques on the Ten Commandments stand at the Peterborough Show in September ’09 and Nottingham next year.

Unfortunately, many modelling skills and techniques are being lost, as mass produced goods from China are taking over the market and creating a scenario where people think that modelling is taking an item out of box and plonking it down on a layout. But where is the creativity, and the sense of achievement at having created a unique and personal model in that? A completed model looks incredibly complicated and many people have said to me in the past, “Oh, I couldn’t do anything like that.” Wrong answer. It is simply a case of taking the initial plunge, being willing to learn, and to incorporate all the lessons learnt into the next project. Nobody has ever created a masterpiece on their first attempt; it is often years of patience and learning that enables them to hone to their skills to a fine art; but the learning (these days I should say ‘a journey!’) of the art is stimulating and enjoyable in itself.

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